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There’s a lot of music out there already, in fact, an abundance of it. Why do people still make new music, or the real question, how can anyone possibly make up something that hasn’t been thought of or written before? The answer returns to the very nature of God. We are His workmanship, created in His image.

CD designPart of having eternity in our hearts (as Solomon notes in Ecclesiastes 3) relates to the limitless creativity of God that was instilled in man as part of the image of God. There are no new ideas inherent to man, but everything is a gift from God. Whether that gift is faithfully represented or perverted depends on the recipient. So new music, particularly Godly music, is sourced from the nature of God.

My new album “Abundance” is therefore not only a celebration of God’s greatness, but sourced from Him as well. As Christians, this is the joy of creating—mimicking our Father.

Releasing on MP3 and CD in December 2013! Thanks to all my great Kickstarter Backers for their support in making this project come to pass!