As a musician, my educational heritage is rooted in my family. You see, music was everywhere when I was growing up. Even before I started “playing” the piano at around 5, we have home videos of my brother Matthew and I pounding out tuneless piano and ukulele duets for fun.

For the next 11 years or so, mom chaired my music instruction, and God blessed those years of hard work. People appreciated my music, and began to inquire when I was going to record a CD. In 2007, I released my first album, a PotterVilla Christmas. Since that first album was well received, I decided to record a second one for my high school graduation in 2009. At that time, I had a very nice keyboard on loan to record with.

After graduation, I started a IT business called PotterVilla Applied Technology, and have been trying to hammer out a living as an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, that hasn’t left a lot of time for musical projects. I have continued piano lessons with Chuck Cook from Charlotte, and played as an alumni in the homeschool band on trumpet. Of course, I’ve continued to work with music in the church, and minister to others as I can, but another CD has been out of the question until now.

If you don’t know me at all, let me try to introduce who I am in a nutshell. My identity is wrapped up in my God, my family, and my church. Until you understand them, you won’t really know who I am.

Firstly, I’m a Christian. Through Christ’s redeeming work on the cross, I am “In Christ” (as Paul puts it in Ephesians). That doesn’t mean I’m perfect yet (rather, progressively being sanctified!), but that as God the Father sees me, I am covered with the righteousness of Jesus. As part of the arrangement God made, I’ve been adopted into His family! Christ is my elder brother, and God—omnipotent, holy, just, loving—is my Father. Christ, as my elder brother, is also my Lord, Master and King.

But I’ve got an earthly family, too. Twenty six years ago, my dad (Mark) married my mom (Susan), and ever since we’ve been the Potters. I also have an older brother, Matthew. When Mom and Dad moved into a new home after a trip to Ireland, they decided to name the homestead after the Irish tradition. And that’s how PotterVilla was born, meaning quite literally, the Potter’s House. At first, we started with PotterVilla Academy (our family homeschool) and PotterVilla Accounting (Mom’s first proverbs 31 venture). Then it grew into PotterVilla Acres Lawn care, PotterVilla Acapricio (our family music group), PotterVilla Academy the blog, PotterVilla Acoustics (CD label), PotterVilla Pastures (Matthew’s agriculture & farming business) and the incredibly good PotterVilla Pastured Poultry & Pastured Pork; PotterVilla Applied Technology (my computer repair and web development business), a side brand called Christendom Films (my dabbling in the Christian Film distribution), and with Matthew and I both graduated from homeschool, Mom’s latest Proverbs 31 endeavor, PotterVilla Academics (she was born to teach!). Dad is working for Tenneco in Jackson as a test engineer (and problem solver/electric motor expert/electric engineer), where he was recently renowned for building a electric motor brush model out of two cardboard boxes that affected the international corporate trajectory. But he’s still faithfully leading our family, and loves us like Christ loves His church.  If you don’t know enough about my family now, follow any of the links above for a lot more about us!

I’ve been involved in music, technology, and youth discipleship (on both ends) at my home church, Ainger Bible for the last 10 years. We’re working together in our fellowship to steward the Word of God into the lives of people and train them for His service. I’ve also built a relationship with a second church, Charlotte Reformed , through a couple of weeknight Bible studies. These folks from the body of Christ have become my working partners, friends, and a family of families.

If you’d like to get to know me better, I’d love to connect on social media or by email.